Professional Support

  • Being diagnosed with cancer causes many doubts, fears and may also generate a feeling of loneliness. The internet can be an easy way to reduce this feeling and find some answers, however, there are also some risks, like misinformation. One way is to chat with other patients in online communities. Sharing patients’ stories may create a sense of self-identification on one hand, but may also be counterproductive in another. It may worsen the management of negative emotions and lead to the exacerbation of the most vulnerable aspects.Through this project the patient can talk directly with a professional, avoiding situations that can impact their situation negatively.

Distance Support

  • The patient can receive support from the comfort of their own home.
  • The patient does not need to travel on days when they are tired or unwell.
  • People with reduced mobility do not need to travel. Allows support for people living outside large cities / living in places with lack of resources.
  • Allows support for people from any country, as long as they speak Portuguese or English.

Easy booking

  • Appointments are flexible, making them appropriate to the patient’s needs.

Group Sessions

  • The patient may be introduced in a group therapy. It is often difficult to find groups locally but through video calls people can be brought together. These sessions will have therapeutic goals and will be guided by the psychologist.