Do I need support?

Although cancer causes emotional distress, it does not mean that everyone who faces this diagnosis has to get psychological support through a mental health professional.

Some people end up adjusting to adverse situations or sudden life changes, due to the resources they have available, such as a support network (family, friends) and personal resilience characteristics.

However, there are several reasons that may lead someone to require psychological support. This may or may not come from their own decision, for example it may be suggested by a family member or recommended by a health professional.

Usually, if someone suggests psychological support to another person, it is because they perceive some change in their behavior or at least evaluate the situation as difficult, which may affect emotional well-being.

Regardless of who initiated the process, the recipient must be motivated, but sometimes it is not easy for the recipient to recognize that he or she needs help.

In the links below, you will find questions that will help you better understand if you may need support. You must answer the questionnaire honestly so that it fits your circumstances.