Please begin by completing the form available on our website or by getting in touch via email at dealingwcancer.info@gmail.com


 Once you have emailed dealingwcancer.info@gmail.com and received our availability options, your appointment is usually scheduled within a minimum of two working days. Please note that there may be exceptions.


Skype is our preferred platform because calls can be undertaken with no cost. If there is a problem installing the free Skype software, please email dealingwcancer.info@gmail.com requesting help. We can be flexible and use alternative platforms such as Whatsapp if a Skype installation fails.

We take payment ahead of appointments as a deposit. This avoids false or unattended appointments and ensures appointments are upheld. If you have any further questions about this please do not hesitate to email dealingwcancer.info@gmail.com to request further details.

Usually you would make a payment on receiving confirmation of your appointment. If for any reason you have paid beforehand, please get in touch with us at dealingwcancer.info@gmail.com

Whenever you confirm that the quality of the internet does has been the cause of a failed call, within a reasonable window of time, or there are no satisfactory conditions for the appointment to proceed, it will be rescheduled and no additional fees will be charged.

If you need to cancel an appointment for some reason, you will be allowed to reschedule it. We ask that you send an email in advance explaining the situation, ideally giving as much advance notice as possible; this limits the disruption to our agenda and that of our other patients. 

In case of cancelled appointments in which there was no previous cancellation, the client has a maximum of 8 calendar days to make contact with us via email and clarify the situation. After this deadline, no reschedules or refunds will be made. Only new bookings will be accepted.

We prefer to proceed with an ongoing plan for your future appointments after your first session with your psychologist. We hope at this session you will form a plan for the schedule of your future appointments.

Unfortunately there are currently no appointment packages. However, your patient rates decrease after the 4th session and then again after the 8th session, having a fixed amount thereafter.

It is always the decision of the patient as to whether they continue, pause or cease the therapy. The psychologist will work with the patient to reach an appropriate intervention plan by establishing a therapeutic contract with a defined number of

sessions suitable for the patient’s needs. This number may change according to the evolution of the patient: if the therapy goals are reached before conclusion of the number of the sessions previously planned, therapy can be concluded; or if the number of sessions is insufficient, additional appointments may be agreed.

The first session is usually the longest and can be anything from 60 to 90 minutes. This is to establish relevant information and explore patient motivations for the session request.

Standard sessions will usually be between 45 and 60 minutes. If the client who requests the appointment is currently undergoing cancer treatment there may be a need to adjust the appointment considering his / her physical state or any possible side effects on that given day.

Yes, you can. When support is provided online, a psychologist works according to their country’s rules and directives. Dealing With Cancer is based in Portugal, so activity is regulated by the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses. EPFA Regulation recognises Portuguese Psychologists in European territories.