Dealing with cancer – History

How did the project “Dealing with Cancer” start?

At the age of 22 I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and thrown into an unknown reality.As I struggled with the disease, I realized how challenging it was to adjust my emotions and juggle the different areas of my life. During the treatments, I found a way to combat the loneliness through social networking. In virtual communities, I found people from all over the world looking for help, understanding and fellowship. Chatting with others who were dealing with cancer generated a feeling of giving and receiving support. Our own experiences were enriched by so many other life stories. Even after remission I kept regular contacts and the number of these increased after being interviewed by the New York Times  in 2018. Following this article some patients or their relatives reached out to me for guidance or advice. Due to this experience, my desire to contribute and improve the well-being of those who were suffering with cancer was reinforced. As a psychologist I believe Dealing with Cancer might be a relevant support tool for those who are facing this reality.