Mission, Vision, Values


Dealing with cancer aims to empower those who are affected by cancer (patients, survivors, relatives, caregivers, friends), through on-line psychological support, enabling them to better adjust to the reality of cancer.


Dealing with cancer aims to be recognized as a relevant tool in psycho-oncology support, being able to reach people worldwide.


Dealing with cancer is ruled by professional ethics and deontological principles, which has at its core the following principles:

Confidence and Respect: this service protects the patient interests, preserving autonomy and self-determination.

Privacy and confidentiality: the confidentiality agreement will be discussed when the therapy starts and at any time deemed appropriate.

Patient Orientation: the work developed through Dealing with cancer is focused on the best interests of the patient and on protecting your legitimate interests

Responsibility and professional competence: The psychological work developed follows the scientific and technical assumptions of this profession, obtained by proper training and constant professional updating.