Being diagnosed with cancer puts not only the patient but also their loved ones in a situation of uncertainty and adversity full of sudden and intense changes.

In this scenario feelings of anguish, hopelessness, fear and helplessness can arise, which make it  difficult to reach an adaptive response, and therefore contribute to the emergence of psychological problems, such as: anxiety and depression states; concerns and fear about the future; psychosexual and self-esteem problems; difficulty returning to routine.

Psychological support has been recognized as having benefits in the treatment of oncological disease, by not only improving patient well-being, but also by making a connection between physical and mental health. If on the one hand depressive and hopeless states tend to worsen the functioning of the immune system, on the other greater emotional adjustment enhances its normal functioning.

Psychological support may have a place when the patient is first diagnosed, or during or after treatments, since the different stages of the disease can lead to distinct situations of strong emotional tension.

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